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Mark Phillips

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From time to time we seem to get our collective knickers in a twist while trying to come up with the 'right' way to overcome game world problems which either seem to make no sense or are just plain irritating.

Here's an example. You veterans might remember that for ages there was discontent about the need to rest. Some people thought it was excessive while others just hated it and there were arguments about how other games don't force that on you and should we keep that feature or throw it out, and if we keep it, what should the values be, should it be sped up, made easier, made harder, and so on. There's even a survey question about it.

From my admittedly blinkered perspective it was actually a non-issue. The plan had always been to implement Herbalist one day, and then Herbalists would be able to whip up rest sachets that basically make the source of the argument evaporate. To put it another way, there was a planned in-game solution based on the basic TC concept of Roles and Skills. Turned out that nothing special beyond that was required. People were frustrated because they didn't know that and so there really was a lot of unfortunate acrimony over what turned out to be not a lot.

I have the sense of deja vu sometimes when reading debates about game features which people perceive as unfair or out of balance or etc. I'm certain that the issue is caused by the immature game environment and will simply go away one day after the right stuff is implemented.

So this message is a plea for everybody to please chill. I'm really thrilled and very grateful that you care enough to get heated up over things. But please don't. It just spoils things and brings everybody down, especially me.

This isn't intended to discourage you from posting suggestions and I very much hope you'll continue! It's only a request to cool-out with the heated back-and-forth.

I know this must add frustration to frustration, but I'm confident that things'll turn out OK in the end. Now, I can't guarantee that the end will be in our lifetimes. But, we're trying.

Thanks for listening!

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Sascha Lecours

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Okay, it's pretty obvious who at least one of the intended recipients of this message is ; )

I agree then - I'll take it on faith that my concerns will be non-issues pending further changes. But please don't hold it against people who speak out about these things. They only have the best interestes of TC at heart, and we're not aware that there even exist planned fixes to our "issues", much less what form they will take.

So I'll let the balance issues go for a bit (though my opinions haven't changed) and stick to suggestions.
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