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Catherine Gardiner

Joined: 2004.11.25 00:00:00
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Just so I know for next time, if you get shot by an archer, or something else happens to wound you, if you were to make it back to SI would you live?

I am so VERY angry with myself for letting Django die just as I was having such fun with her.

Thanks to all of you who were so very patient with me, and thanks for all the shared escapades and adventures.

I am devastated.
Sascha Lecours

Joined: 2003.10.24 00:00:00
Messages: 446

If you're an outlaw and you make it to SI, you will probably survive even if you're wounded. But once you have been marked as an outlaw, you cannot use the shops anymore, nor access your ban account (I think).

SO sorry about Django! Let the FreeBlades know if they can help with your next character - we were very fond of Django

Lisa Chau

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I'm so sorry that she's gone. We all loved her.

If you can get to SI nothing else can attack you. You'll live if you're not mortally wounded. Sometimes you can still die anyway if you're right next to death when the fight ends. But probably if you can move to get to SI you're likely to be ok.

Unfortunately, all SI can do is keep you alive. The merchants won't trade with you. If you run into another police figure it'll attack you. It's the existence of the hunted. Not to say that isn't interesting, but... difficult.

I hope we can have a wake for her? We're all terribly saddened by her loss.

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Mark Phillips

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We're all so sorry about Django's loss.

A note to all re death. If you've enjoyed a particular character and it dies, don't delete it. One day there'll be rich, detailed afterlife experiences which your beloved characters may well want to participate in.

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Sascha Lecours

Joined: 2003.10.24 00:00:00
Messages: 446

Great news! glad to hear it - I've been saving up a nice little collection here. Now if only they could claw their way out of these damn graves.
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