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Darryl Easler

Joined: 2003.08.09 00:00:00
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After reading previous BB entries I think I have this right:

If a neutral aligned character initiates combat against an evil NPC, their alignment drifts in a certain direction.

If that same neutral character just "happens" to "accidentally" wander into an area known for evil NPC's to attack a player on sight, and the player lets the NPC initiate combat, then there is no alignment drift?

Hmmmmmmmmmnn, looks like Ol' Kaga has found another "tax shelter".
Sascha Lecours

Joined: 2003.10.24 00:00:00
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I don't see a problem. Self-defense is different from a conscious attempt to harm someone, and while some might call wandering into a mafia club and opening fire Evil, pretty much no-one would call it evil to fight off a mugger in that same club. What's the big deal?
Matt Coe

Joined: 2004.02.24 00:00:00
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It's like in Shane..
"Pick up the gun."
"You'll shoot me, mister!"
"Pick up the gun."
*picks up the gun*
*BLAM BLAM BLAM* "Y'all saw him, he had a gun!"
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