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Mark Phillips

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The computer which SmartMonsters uses to do our development work on is toasted. That's a geeky technical term meaning not working.

Until this is fixed I won't be able to contribute new code. Later today I'm gonna put up a release that has a lot of accumulated small bug fixes that are tested and ready to go; but there won't be new code work for a while.

Not sure how long this'll take to get fixed. Quite a bother just getting the machine into the shop. Guessing two or three weeks.

While dev is offline we'll see if we can get Poobah working on some new content.

Thanks for hanging in there!


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Jordan West

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Wooohoo ! ! !

Finally something new. It's been quite the ghost town lately without any updates. I've been busy MUSHing over at Shadowrun-Denver and checking back to see where Mark has been hiding out. I'll post some good ideas later.
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