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Juha Lehtonen

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Daisy's player wanted us to discuss the subject of her being offended here on the BBS.

So, Dee, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the post you sent in Daisy's name, stating firmly that August's player acted somehow immaturely -- even implying that it had something to do with his different cultural background.

What do you think after reading Seminar's posts?

Lisa Chau

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In my opinion the tone of your message is so aggressive that I find it threatening. I'm not sure it's a good idea to demand that people engage in discussions that perhaps interest you more than them. I don't know how Dee feels, but that's how I feel after reading your post.

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Juha Lehtonen

Joined: 2001.12.01 00:00:00
Messages: 23

1. I am not trying to be aggressive. Sorry if you found my message threatening. I am just eager -- and a bit polemic.

2. Here is a quotation:

"Usually this kind of behavior stops in this country on games at about age 13, although I must say the only time I ever saw anything like his was from an eleven year old."

At first glance I found this racistic remark quite offensive, but I understood that it was probably just an uncontrolled emotional reaction to Kristofer's unconventional roleplaying. I don't want to be the subject of these kinds of remarks in future (it would be easy for American to start and stigmatise my enculturation too, as I am Finnish). I most certainly have characters that are way more radical than a character described insane, that everyone can see is completely detached from the surrounding social reality, calling his imaginary friend dirty names.

IMO it is on perfectly different level of social reality to mumble dirty words by yourself IC than start insulting people OOC.

I _really_ just want to understand the principles on which Dee builds her game.

If Dee wishes to have critical discussion about that subject later, I am always eager. If not, so be it. I just want to avoid getting insulted OOC and still keep expression free (at least IC) and story dynamic.

Please, if you someday feel that my character is offending you (i.e. not just offending your char) and you are not able to come over it (and this is not meant to be an insulting use of words, but analytical) by discussing about it and making sure it is perfectly IC, and your char can't avoid listening (by for example leaving the room), just send me a message of this type: "tell <my char's name> OOC Hi this is Lisa Chau here. Please use beep instead of <that and that word>, you are offending me. Thank you."

And I will try to do my best not to offend you, although I may send you an OOC message trying to start a discussion -- but I guess that doesn't hurt anyone

dee seguine

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With regard to your statement, "Daisy's player wanted us to discuss the subject of her being offended....": You approached me.

You said you were disturbed by the situation and that you always liked to resolve conflicts quickly. You added that you thought I was rough on August.

I had no intention of entering a private "tell" conversation with you and told you I considered the OOC board was the place for discussion.

Your being "disturbed" did not originate with me. In regard to my being rough on August, you are, of course, entitled to your opinion.

As to conflict resolution, at the moment I have absolutely no idea whether that is possible.

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