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Lisa Chau

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I've noticed some players recently asking in-game to speak to admins or immorts, usually to follow up on a bug report or forum question. Just a reminder that in TriadCity pestering admins is considered bad manners. (It's actually against the terms of service!)

In my experience, bug reports are taken very seriously and are quickly investigated. Most of the time they're made visible almost immediately, so you can note they're being investigated. Most are quickly closed: they're either reports of typos in room descriptions or they're examples of noobs having a misconception they haven't quite yet figured out. Often these are expectations brought from other games, and TriadCity does things differently.

Please note I'm not an administrator. Well - I administer the bulletin boards. But I'm not an immort or game admin. Just reminding folks to leave admins alone to do their thing. When we see them in-game it's for a purpose. Taking them away from that is considered rude, in TriadCity culture.

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