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Mark Phillips

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This is SmartMonsters' Occasional Newsletter
Volume 21 Number 1
[August 14, 2020]


Join the elite!

Elite Subscriptions provide a package of perks which is not only alliterative but mega-helpful for hardcore players looking to level up as rapidly as possible. Elite membership gains you:

* 25% exp bonus
* 100 Reward Points per month
* 1 Reward Point per hour logged in
* Equipment insurance: if your character dies or is arrested, its eq goes to your heir
* Probably more things in the future we haven't thought of yet

Elite Subs are $19.95/mo, with discounts for longer commitments. The TriadCity Web site has more detail.



Permanent 25% exp bonus during the pandemic. Come hang with us while working from home. Combined with an Elite Sub and our other standard bonuses you can really rack up those levels!

The Globe Theatre in the Southern Third is now playing Shakespeare's As You Like It. Performances are continual -- something about robots never getting tired -- and admission is 5 Dinars.

Three new Sagas -- virtual adventure zones -- are available for noobs committed to hack-and-slash. A Fistful of Newbies is a frontier silver mining and cattle town in the American Wild West. You're the Sheriff! Maybe that's a good thing, maybe not. Hell is For Newbies implements the first two circles of Hell, where you can for example massacre the evil nerd at Apple who keeps changing the power supply connector on the Mac. The Newbie Zone emulates Midgaard's Newbie Zone hack-for-slash --; an emulation of an emulation, 'cos, computers are our friends. Have at 'em!

By player request, Chat commands have been enhanced with a new history feature allowing easy replay for non-GUI MUD clients. This was requested to make life easier for visually impaired players, and we're happy to do it. Let us know what else we can do!

The NorthWestern Third's democratic assembly place, the Hill of the Pnyx, is open for exploration. Modeled more or less loosely on the ancient Athenian original, the entire NorthWestern citizenry converges here on Assembly Days to debate and decide the issues of the day. Assembly Days coming real soon now.

TriadCity's venerable but no-longer-necessary Game Warden special Role has been retired. Heartfelt thanks to the small cadre of Game Wardens who volunteered over the years. Anderr, Calo, Church, Furtive, Goddess, Gwene, Psyche, Qimson, Rethor, TelGar, Vohno, Zensekai: thanks so much!



We've finally implemented a properly mobile-friendly Web site. Should have done this years ago, but, you know, we thought it was gonna be soooooo hard... Actually it was pretty straightforward. Comrades, we accept your criticism and we criticize ourselves! (If you're old enough you might get that joke.)

The Dungeon world is still in alpha, but is feeling pretty much ready for prime time. This is our emulated homage to computer gaming's milestone world of 1977, Zork! A puzzle world that's frequently arbitrary and often totally maddening, it's great fun if you surrender everything you think you know about MUDs, which it isn't. See you in the Great Underground Empire!



8,200 Likes for the TriadCity Facebook page. Holy moly! Our little page, all grown up!

And: nearly 1,000 Followers on Twitter. Sweet!


Thank you for following us on social media:

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Experience is 25% higher during the pandemic. Hang with us while working from home, we'll keep each other company.


We'll spiff you if you refer a friend. Click for details.


Thanks! Meet you in The City!

- Gary, Mark and friends

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