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Lisa Chau

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CrimeNet is an electronic (and apparently biological!) sensor grid which detects violence, theft, malopathy, and other "illegal" actions. If it snoops you doing naughty things, the first cop who comes along will haul you before a judge, who'll use the CrimeNet record as the source of your sentence.

We don't know all the details how it works. There are some tried-and-true rules, though, which will keep miscreants like us relatively safe. You must be *very disciplined* about these, or you'll be stuffed for realz.

- CrimeNet monitors every public space. "Public" means what it sounds like: places where anyone can go, and lots do. Main streets, parks, monuments, malls, shops, museums, libraries, schools, public buildings.
- It does not monitor dark alleys, illegal businesses, dumps and landfills, underground mazes, slums, forests, the insides of certain buildings, hidden spaces.
- It's not all-perceiving. You can commit crimes like theft right in the middle of the plaza, if you succeed at it. If you're detected by the victim, you can be sure CrimeNet caught you too. It seems to have the same perceptive abilities as characters. If you can see someone perform an action, it probably can too. If you can do your stuff without being perceived by people, it probably won't bag you either.
- CrimeNet detectors are beautiful things, for thieves, malopaths, and other miscreants. If the light is lit, go elsewhere.

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