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Lisa Chau

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As we know, death in TriadCity is permanent. It's heartbreaking to build a character to level 15 or higher, then have it die in some way that could be avoided. As it should be, right?

Tips for keeping alive while fighting:

- Keep your alignment perfect. Going even a tiny bit out of alignment really messes with your skills. Unless you're *trying* to change alignment.
- Don't be thirsty or hungry. Either will mess with dexterity and strength.
- Max all your skills. Your weapon skill of course, but also Parry, Flee, and Consider.
- Consider first. It's fairly accurate. If it tells you not to, don't.
- Get your armor as high as you can, but try to find lightweight kit. The more you weigh the less your dexterity matters, and the faster you get tired.
- Only attack at full health and energy.
- Don't use violence in public places. It's like a RL city: people don't go nuts with swords in the mall. If they do, they're dead, and that's so in TriadCity also. Cops will attack if you're discovered fighting; NPCs will rescue each other; stealthy security bots and others will arrest you. Learn where it's safe to fight. Forests, dark alleys, hidden places. Not the main streets.
- Always case the area first. Even in a dark alley: go into all the adjoining rooms before launching an attack. You don't know what cop will wander in while you're fighting; or what badass brother of the victim. If this makes you feel like the Zodiac Killer, remember: you actually *are* the Zodiac Killer. This is basically what TriadCity Warrior means.
- Know your CrimeNet. Don't attack things where it can perceive you.
- Some roles can attack some victims without consequence. A FidoHunter can attack a Fido and nobody cares. Same with RatHunter attacking rats. Don't expect LandlordHunter to have freebies, though.
- Go with backup. Be friends with a tank who can Rescue you if you get into trouble. And with a Healer who can restore you if you're getting beat up. Groups are always safer than lone wolves.
- When you're new, have someone experienced teach you the ropes. Go with someone powerful to the arachnid forest. If you're getting hurt, they can kill the beastie with one blow. Or Rescue you.
- Always fight below your weight. Kill things smaller than you. You're a predator, not a Samurai with a code of honor.
- Don't imagine insects or fidos are less valued by cops than humans. It's not what you're fighting, it's that you're fighting in the first place. It's not safe to attack a mosquito in a public space. It's not the mosquito, it's the space.

Stay safe!

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Mark Phillips

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Don't try to log out if you're in a fight you believe you're going to lose. You'll be prevented - you can't log out while fighting. Worse, if you kill your client to try to bypass the logout command, not only will the fight go on as before, but if you win you're potentially in serious danger of being attacked by some new aggressive opponent while you're afk and unable to flee. Your character can potentially end up standing around totally exposed until the command timeout logs it out. Killing your client while fighting is actually the most self-destructive thing you can do in TriadCity.

Violence is very dangerous in TriadCity. As Lisa points out, your best option, especially at lower levels, is to go with a friend who can support you if you get into trouble.

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