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TriadCity high-level chars in Midgaard  XML
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Meghan Culber

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I feel that high-level TriadCity chars are too powerful for the central areas of Midgaard, including Midgaard City, the Newbie Zone, and the Chessboard. They're prolly too powerful period, 'cos they have super armor compared to Midgaard's and super weapons. These are my suggestions for making them more balanced inside Midgaard.

Decrease the stats of TriadCity armor and weapons when inside Midgaard. Maybe by a third to begin with. Experiment and change as needed to get the balance right.

Cap the level of TriadCity chars inside Midgaard at 21.

Have the portal transport them to Midgaard zones where they match the npcs.

Make death in Midgaard permanent for TriadCity chars. So death is always permanent for TriadCity chars.

I think this will let TriadCity chars have enjoyable experiences inside the Midgaard world while also keeping Midgaard enjoyable for natives.

Thank you for considering my suggestions.
Mark Phillips

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Thanks Meghan.

I'm onboard with the basic direction you suggest. I disagree with certain details. My thoughts:

- Decrease the stats of TC weapons and armor. Yes. In fact we already do: the current decrease is to 1/3 of their value inside TC! We'll reduce it even more and continue to experiment.

- Cap TC chars level at 21 inside Midgaard. That's a great idea. It'll go a long way to righting the balance, as level differential is included in combat arithmetic in Midgaard - it's not in TC, which calculates instead based on Skills, which Midgaard doesn't have. So knocking 13 points off damroll computation will impact combat a *lot*. We'll monitor to see how it feels.

- Have the portal choose where they go. That seems problematic to me because it would break-up groups coming from TC. I'd prefer to see TC players explore Midgaard in good faith to find the zones that are appropriate for their levels.

- Make death permanent for TC characters. Too drastic? Let's run with the first two ideas and see how the balance feels.

Thanks again!

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