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Mark Phillips

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This is SmartMonsters' Occasional Newsletter
Volume 20 Number 2
[October 31, 2019]
Special Halloween Edition



TriadCity's silly-but-actually-kinda-creepy Haunted Mansion is online for your Halloween adventuring. What's inside?

Rooms that change and move; mirrors that show your future; echoes and imprints of fallen comrades; extremely dangerous zombies; severed limbs; indoor lightning and thunder; walls that talk and drip blood; perhaps even echoes of your past selves. And of course, very many pop culture references — and very very very many jokes. This only scratches the surface, and, there's more coming. In future there'll be a chance to dance with the Ghost Queen; skeletons which challenge you to play chess; portals to very strange places; ghosts who'll read your tarot cards; and lotso other fun ideas we weren't able to complete in time for Halloween this year. Keep an eye on the MOTD.

But wait, there's more:

In homage to our own past and the past of the medium, we've implemented an emulation of Midgaard — the core World featured in the old DikuMUD and CircleMUD traditions from the 1990s. Running on the TriadCity server platform, many of the laws of physics are subtly or radically different to what you're used to in TriadCity — for example, magic is vastly changed. But, it's still a lot of fun. Midgaard is 1800 rooms of hack-and-slash: warriors, sharpen your swords! There's a fuller explanation in today's MOTD

Both the Haunted Mansion and Midgaard are in early alpha, meaning, not fully complete, and likely buggy. We wanted to announce them today, though, as a fun Halloween surprise. Boo!



Pushing 6,000 Likes for the TriadCity Facebook page. Holy moly! Our little page, all grown up!

And: nearly 1,000 Followers on =""]Twitter. Nice!



Dust bunnies ate my honey-bunny! Dust bunnies are actually minor poltergeists — just like the ones inside the Haunted Mansion — which accumulate inside Player Houses. To get rid of them you'll have to vacuum them up: see the MOTD or details.

Tweets from the Twitter feed are now first-class objects inside TriadCity. Implemented as Birds — natch — they'll land on your outdoor table at lunch, and generally interact with you as other NPCs do. Here's where this is going: shortly, as in, within a few days, a new game-within-the-game called Angry Birds will be available, where you can hunt and "kill" tweets that interest you. Politicians, pop stars, faux-celebs: have at 'em. There'll be more uses for Tweets-as-characters inside TriadCity in the near future. Watch out for the MOTD.



Sounds and smells now can be sensed from TriadCity's six cardinal directions: Down, East, North, South, Up, West. New development will include these enhanced sense descriptions; the existing World will be slowly retrofitted. Details in the MOTD.

"Universe" is now more literal. The TriadCity platform is now able to distinguish between multiple sub-Worlds with separate, even contrasting, laws of physics. Midgaard is the first new World on the platform; there will be more. Watch this space!


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Thanks! Meet you in The City!

- Gary, Mark and friends

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