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Nina Smith

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Ylva is a ranger, very self-confident and proud. Her name means she-wolf, literally. Her family has been collaborating with Northern wolves for hundreds of years, and every child gets assigned their own wolf pup as soon as they learn to walk, so that they can grow up together. Ylva had to leave her wolf outside the City, and she is missing her very much. That’s why Ylva often vanishes for quite a while to meet the pack and wander with them.

Ylva learned her no-nonsense approach and skills to survive in a wilderness already as a little girl, so they are her second nature. Since she was born in far north, she is used to living outdoors and taking care of herself, and others, too, while being at it. Usually it is easiest just do what she tells you to do. You know you will be doing that in the end anyway, whatever it is. There is no doubt of that.

In the wild the rules of life are somewhat different from what is required for living in a city-dwelling society. Ylva takes what she needs (or wants) and won't apologize for it. In the tribe asking for permission was considered an act of weakness, and the matriarchal culture emphasized training girls to become powerful and proud women. One part of Ylva's upbringing was to learn the history of her namesakes in Fennoscandia, and understand how the family lineages had been purposefully woven to create a network of female leaders and wise-women. She still knows to prioritize duty before pleasure.

Please remember that Ylva's family lived in an isolated area, so her social skills may need a *little* polish.

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