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How to level as fast as possible, without cheating.  XML
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Lisa Chau

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Here's how to gain Experience as rapidly as possible, without exploits.

This page lists the system of Experience bonuses. Here's a simple strategy which makes use of it. I use this with my high level characters.

1. Log in for an hour on Friday. You don't have to do anything, just chat and don't get logged out for inactivity.

2. Return on Saturday. You'll start the day with a 35% bonus. Hang out for an hour doing nothing and you'll reach 40%. I sometimes wait to reach 50% before starting my thing.

Now when you go around really interacting with things, the exp piles up quickly. I can gain 10k exp in a couple of hours this way on a Saturday.

It's even better if you're grouped. But I don't usually play the brawny characters that are good with violence, so...

Newbies should know that while simply exploring and Meditating will gain you Experience, your best source is to use your Skills after choosing at least one Role after level 10.

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