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All changes in this release pertain to Thief Role commands, now undergoing fine-tuning.

The Thief Role has really turned out to be an epic, which I had not expected. In hindsight it makes sense, for two reasons:

1. Thieves are doing sneaky things, which some characters will detect, and others won't. We had to work out a clean way to represent that subjectivity, within our existing frameworks.

2. Thieves do things that could make other characters angry, if detected; and could wind them in trouble with the authorities. What should a Cop do if s/he detects a Thief in the act of picking somebody's pocket? The simplistic answer is 'womp him' or her. A more realistic answer would be to attempt an arrest; and if the arrest fails, to add the Thief to a 'wanted list'. We're not ready to implement arrests yet, so we've settled on a compromise in which many kinds of human characters can report criminal acts to a central system, which authorizes Cops of various sorts to use force. This means that being detected in the act of picking a pocket could get you attacked by a Cop at a later time in a different place. All this has had to be worked out from experience.

I think we'll have the Thief Role complete and online within a few days.


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