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TriadCity Character
I would ask all our citizens to be very tolerant and patient with Rithor, whom Luz has seen fit to return to us.

For those of you who weren't there when he came back to the city, you should be aware that he is horribly changed. And it pains me to even say it, but he seems to have completely lost his mind. As far as Vohno and I could make out, he's been surviving in the sewers, and he's befriended two extremely large rats, who are never far from his side, and to whom he talks constantly.

As yet, neither Sarith nor I have been able to get through to Rithor, but we hope very much to have him back to his old self very soon. So, I ask you all, should you meet Rithor, please treat him as if nothing at all was amiss, and try not to be too shocked a
the dreadful change in him. It'll be hard, but I really feel this is for the best.

With Luz's help and guidance, I'm sure we can all help Rithor recover fully.
TriadCity Character
Help can all of Rithor fully?! Fit to return to Luz, with all her garnish. Shocking, without electricity!! Ha ha ha! Coffee and stormtroopers roll without you, you know.
TriadCity Character
i don't know. he seems fine to me, though luz never seemed that garnishful to me. Maybe he needs some electroshock treatment.
TriadCity Character
That sounds like the Rithor I know, except his grammar is WAY better now.

On a serious note, I'm sure he'll be fine once he has a chance to adjust. He didn't even get killed and have most of his organs eaten, and look how I turned out!

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