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TriadCity Character
I was down at the Royal Library the other day keeping up to date with my city net skills, when I happened to notice that one of our city's fair citizens has happened upon and killed a "jumbo" arachnid. I'm not too sure where they would have run into such a creature, but my best guess would be in some dark corner of the forest.

I knew that someday there'd be bigger and badder spiders running around, I just didn't think that it would be so soon.

So just a heads up to be extra careful while exploring, maybe bring along a friend or two.
TriadCity Character
very good point.

but, please set your minds at ease. this one was just a poor little mutant critter that escaped telgar's lab. there was only one, and some alert person clobbered it before it could become a problem. does illustrate the dangers of experimentation without adequate safety controls!

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TriadCity Character
I had a feeling that magician was behind this...
TriadCity Character
I am taking a magical creatures class and tried to make a Toddler larger and fiercer. Larger worked--but he took one look at Alienore and fled. She had to track her down and eliminate her.
Maybe I should just work on my charm spell.

I did get a C-minus in the class.

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