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TriadCity Character
This is sort of a repeat, but I am trying to gather this info and I got a lot of it in one place so I thought I would just post it. There are bronze plaques all over the city marking every 500th or 1000th room built. They give experience to players who find them. These are the ones I know about. Let me know if you can fill in any of the gaps:

1000 is in the Alignment maze

1500 is on the banks of the White River in the southern third, near the Pancreatic HQ

2500 is in the Healer's guild

3000 is on the bottom floor of McDougal's cave

3500 is in Maj Bot Ob, the NE forest

4000 is on the top floor of McDougal's cave

5000 is in the Sewage Treatment Plant

8000 is in the Adventurer office

8500 is on the balcony of the FreeBlades apartment.

As you can see there are f ew missing, most conspicuously the gaping hole between 500 - 8000. Please let me know if you find these plaques!

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TriadCity Character
The plaque commemorating the 7000th room is located in the cemetary, the Triad City Lawns.
TriadCity Character
Plaque 7,500 is in my apartment.
TriadCity Character
5500 is in the sewage plant.

Worldstats says there are now 9000 rooms. Has that one been found?

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