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TriadCity Character
Tattoos are permanent. Once you buy, you can't remove.

This is both good and bad. Good, permanent boost. Bad, can't change your mind.

Right now Tetiaroa sells three expensive tattoos with permanent boosts:

1. The "Maori-style tattoo with strong geometrical designs" is (for me) +2 strength.

2. The "Maori-style tattoo with graceful geometrical designs" is (for me) +2 dexterity.

3. The "Maori-style family history tattoo" is (for me) +2 wisdom.

I say "for me" because I don't know if these numbers are different for others.

My guess is that there will be more tattoos eventually. Probably better than these, since these are easy to find. Right now these are a good but expensive way to get permanent boosts.

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TriadCity Character
I have two of the less-expensive "geometric designs" tattoos - and they seem to boostr my Charisma by 2 each. Note that there is apparently limit of two "cheek" tattoos - so if you're buying a tattoo, make sure there isn't a better one that takes the same body part!
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