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For noobs, a list of the different gem equipment and when you might like to use it.

Ruby increases intelligence. Wear ruby when learning. Also wear it when you level. The higher your int at level, the more practices you'll receive.

Emerald increases wisdom. Wear it when meditating. You'll achieve meditation more easily, and gain more exp from it.

Topaz increases strength. Wear it when carrying heavy stuff, or if you're a fighter using a stabbing weapon (sword, dagger).

Cobalt increases constitution. Wear it when resting/sleeping/meditating to regen more quickly. Also when you level. The higher your con at level, the more your max health and energy will increase.

Sapphire increases dexterity. Use it when stealing or fighting or fleeing, etc.

Amber increases charisma. Use it when leading a group.

Here's some more item lore:

Meditation scarves and stones help to achieve meditation. Some types also increase wis. There might be more types; these are what I've seen.

The Rings of Thanks raise max energy and charisma.

Energy shoes, energy shields and so on also raise max energy.

Rings and bracelets made of ivory/ebony/titanium raise max health and energy, and also allow you to see what things and people are good, evil or neutral. Doesn't look like weapons made of these materials have these properties. Only rings/bracelets, far as I know.

You have to be Good-aligned to use the ivory gear. Evil to use ebony, Neutral to use titanium.

If anybody has more eq lore please post it in reply.

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As a healer, the more energy i have, the better i'm able to help people. I was wondering where the energy shields were sold?
TriadCity Character
In the Southern mall. There's a merchant in the southern and western part of the mall. Sorry that I'm bad with directions.

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Chiensha, Moorea, Vicodin, Xanax, Zoloft.
TriadCity Character
Don't forget, I think that rings of thanks also boost strength a little bit!
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