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TriadCity Character
Has anyone gotten the NW children to play tag? Is there a trick to it?
TriadCity Character
I have been it, and have an idea on how it works (thanks poobah, *cough* lol) You of course have to stay away (or find... depending on if you wish to be it or not) the kid/person who is it. The place on where they are is only in the NW. The exact place, I cant help you with.

You can only be taged in the NW, and you cannot be taged (unless changed) in the stations or train.
If somone tries to tag you on Sanctuary Island.. they wont be able to..

There is of course a 'tag' command now, dex is the defence to being taged. Simple realy.

If you are it, and you log out. Someone else in TC gets the title of being 'IT'.

Hope this helps!

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