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As you may or may not know, the Herbalist role is now available in TriadCity. It can be found near the Healer's Union in the NW third.

If you do happen to become an Herbalist, you may wonder how one makes herbs. Well, I?ll tell you it can be very tricky at first. So i?m going to do a Step-by-Step for you. (Aren?t I nice?)

The fist step after learning all the skills the master teaches (you will need meditate) you need to find the components for the Ritual.

The first component is the Sachet. This can be obtained in a shop in the NW. [FYI: They are 6 Dinar each]

The second component is a leaf or other such item, the available item components currently up can be found in the Player's Guide. So, go take a look

After you have your Sachet and your leaves/whathaveyou, you then have to pick a spot where you won?t be bothered, by ANYTHING. This means a passing fly will interrupt your Ritual. So, find a nice secluded place.
Once this is done, you have to then put the "leaves" into the sachet (as of now i'm not sure if you have to fill the sachet[it can hold 2 items] or if you can combine components, so go give it a try and let me know!)You then have to drop the sachet on the ground.

OK, you have your Sachet on the ground of a nice secluded place. Good! Now you have to meditate, once meditation is achieved you are then able to RitualClean the area that you are in. :: At this point, if anything walks in or have to start over :: Once the room is RClean, you can then DrawMagicCirle a necessary step to a successful Ritual. After this is done, you are able to Actuate the Sachet.

If you do that, Congrats! You have just made an Herb! -

-Your Name, The Day, Month and The Year will appear on the Sachet. Letting everyone know who created it and when -

FYI: you do get exp for doing this, the same as any-other role-based skill

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TriadCity Character
Update and Question

Sachet's I got actually hold 4, not 2. And from what I've seen you have to have it full. Not positive, needs some more research, but whenever I try with 2, it just fizzles.

Question: It says in list of items available the Iris flower and Passion flower. When I try to put them in the sachet though, it states "You can only put herbs in an herb sachet" and I can not put them in. Help?
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