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TriadCity Character
Anyone figured out any surefire combos for Hanafuda?
TriadCity Character
Looked at a couple of Hanafuda sites and it looks like the combinations are :

Pine cone, crane feather , red tanz

Plum, nightingale feather, red tanz w writing

Cherry, curtain ????, red tanz writing

Wisteria, cuckoo feather, red tanz

Iris, bridge???, red tanz

Peony, butterfly wings, blue tanz

Clover, boar , red tanz

Pampas, goose feather

Chrysanth, sake cup and blue tanz

Maple, deer and blue tanz

willow and swallow and red tanz

paulownia and phoenix

Hope that helps - but I still haven't fibvured it out
TriadCity Character
I found out you need to put 7 items in a Sakai Cup and give them to the poet, although I don't know any combinations that he likes yet.
TriadCity Character
cool I'll let you know if i get it figured out
TriadCity Character
The Tanzaku's with writing on them say:

1. "A card and a room,
One represents the other
a virtual game"

2. "A flower garden
animals and poetry
a game you now play"

3. Go to the poet
through seven rooms you must walk
choose your path wisely

TriadCity Character
More than likely there is a 7 item combination in the game Hanafuda. However it may be a different game of Hanafuda. There is a Korean and a Hawain version of the game. Perhaps in one of those version there is a seven card combination to scoring the most points.

I'll look it up and ask around and I will post my results soon.
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