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hi all.

some lore re our new bot, 'oscar'.

this one's an odd fish, bot-wise, 'cause he doesn't try to engage in ongoing conversation in the way, say, marvin does. instead, he replies to everything with one or another of oscar wilde's hilarious (or serious) epigrams, in a manner which is pretty close to free association.

to talk to him, use the 'tell' or 'ask' channels. note though that you can also use 'chat', if you want everyone to see the response. begin your chat with 'oscar, ' -- note the comma and the space. example: 'oscar, are you good?'.

oscar can currently recognize about 3,000 different possible inputs. if you'd like to know exactly how many, ask him 'how many questions can you answer?' -- exactly like that. he'll tell you what the current number is.

you can also ask him for a list of topics he knows about: 'oscar, what topics interest you?'. it's a very partial list, but enough to give you something to start with.

it might be worth noting that oscar has no interest in discussing the ordinary affairs of the city. he can't tell you where things are, and he doesn't know anything about me or marvin or other characters.

oscar will however intervene in the chat channel from time to time. this is really his purpose in tc: pipe-up with some slighly tangential observation at stray times. please let me know if you think he's chattering too often (or not enough!).



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TriadCity Character
I personally think that Oscar and Marvin should pop up more often. They add interesting things to the conversation. Other people I've noticed, seem to think they should never do it. But as a great mind once said: Meh.
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