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TriadCity Character
I posted this a long while back on the original all-in-one bbs. But since there's been a lot of bbs discussion lately of Toddler-related subjects (grouping, rescue, and so on), I thought I'd post it here a second time. I hope this will be helpful to those of you who are interested in engaging with the Toddlers.

I'm able to take them on by myself. Part of the reason for this is that I have an Alpha Testers' Ring, which helps my armor a bunch. The Toddlers can hit me, but it's difficult for them to hurt me.

But I think the more important reason is that I've figured out how to hunt them in a way which maximizes my own safety.

Here's what I do.

The first room of the Toddler maze (on the south side) seems to be safe. I've never seen them enter that room. So, I use it as my base of operations.

Instead of wandering around their maze hunting, I move exactly one room past that "base". One room into their turf, if you like. Then I wait there for them to come to me.

Usually they come one at a time, and I beat them up until they flee. If there are more, it's more dicey, but I've been able to take them so far.

The interesting thing is that they're stupid. Even after taking a beating from me, they'll wander back into my "kill room" after a while. Eventually they'll start dying there, instead of being able to flee.

In every case, if I'm hurt, or my energy is below green, I rest where I am -- just one step inside their maze. If I'm really hurt or really tired, I back out to my "base" room and sleep there.

The main lessons IMO are that I never, ever go more than one room into their maze; and I never, ever attack if I'm at all hurt or tired. This way they can't get behind me to cut off my escape; that is, I won't have to fight my way out. And I only ever fight when I'm at peak health and energy.

The results have been that I'm never lost, never have to worry where to go to get out, never have to worry that in getting out I'll bump into more of them, and so on.

This is an extremely patient and pains-taking strategy, but it seems to be working for me. I think this is what you might call "meeting them on my terms, not theirs".

I'll close with a final suggestion for those of you who are interested in being more aggressive. Gather a half dozen players and go in three groups of two. One group is the "point" which goes ahead of the others; the other two are there to hold the "retreat route" open; that is, keep it clear of roving Toddlers. When the point group get tired or injured, the second group can replace them. To be completely clear, I'm suggesting that your three groups are in three different rooms, but that they can switch between "point" duty and "escape guard" duty. I haven't done this personally, but I think it will work. Remember that they'll repop behind you! So don't go too deep unless there are a real lot of you to hold the escape route clear!

Let me know if this helps.


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TriadCity Character
In addition, I have noticed that while engaged with a toddler, other toddlers that enter the room seem to ignore the battle that is occuring. Once you scare off the toddler that you were engaged with, none of the other toddlers (if any in the room) will attack unless you do something that will grab their attention. So if after a battle you are hurt or low on energy, you may want to just stand and rest until you are re-energized. I've had to do this on a number of occasions and it has worked out fine, though it is extremely more risky in doing so.
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