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TriadCity Character
Just a reminder to be very careful when in the forest.

The infants can be quite harmful to lower level characters and it is inadvisable to even enter the area until level 5. Also, if it's your first time, don't go alone. Test out your skills on the spiders with someone there to back you up.
Note that you can safely rest in the forest if you have someone there to watch over you.

As for the Toddlers, here are some tips:
1) Don't go in there until level 10
2) Never go alone
3) If you find you are hurt or run out of energy, flee until you get to a room with no spiders. Then, rest, and remain motionless even if the spiders come into the room. So long as you do not draw attention to yourself they will not see you. Make sure you take bandages. You can bandage yourself, or get your friend to do it for you.
4) If you are not sure where the exit is, don't just keep running *hoping* you're going the right way. This is the best way to get yourself killed. See point 3).

I hope this helps people stay alive in there!

TriadCity Character
A correction to point 3. Don't flee if you're hurt or low on energy. Just stay where you are. If there are spiders in the room, wait there for them to leave. Make sure you've counted them all correctly as they come and go, so you'll know with certainty when the room is empty of them. When they're all gone, rest there. Don't move *at all* if you're hurt or low on energy.

Note that "low on energy" means not in the green. If you hit the yellow, rest.


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TriadCity Character
Actually, when I said "flee" I meant from the fight. If you flee to a room with spiders in it they are likely to attack you which means you have to continue to flee until you are no longer attacked.
If you are not being attacked, you can't "flee" anyway.
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