Client apps for Dungeon

We proudly offer Web and mobile apps for all devices. Or you can use your favorite MUD client. Or telnet! Details:


Our native Android and iOS apps are designed for simple, intuitive use. Features:

  • Simple, straightforward graphical interface with minimal controls.
  • All major game and account functions available in-app, without having to exit to the Web site.
  • Graphical displays of character state: health, energy, attributes, skills, etc.
  • Manage chat channels, natural language parsing, and other features.
  • Character maintenance: health, energy, experience, Skills.
  • On iOS, store login creds in the Keychain; share them among devices via iCloud.
  • Access the Players' Guide, FAQ, Message of the Day and other website resources directly within the app.
  • Create new characters.
  • Fully mobile: happy over WiFi or cellular data.
  • Female-friendly: we've had more women players than men for over 20 years.
  • Very friendly community — apparently all the mean people go to WoW 'cos we have none; even our bulletin-boards are safe!
  • Thousands of players from all over the world.
  • Guest login w/limited features if you just wanna check it out.

Dungeon in the Google Play Store (Android)
Dungeon in the Apple App Store (iOS)


Our JQuery / HTML5 client works with any browser. It gives you full control over all game functions, and integrates seamlessly with our Web site for account management.


Use your favorite MUD client and be fully old-school:
    — Secure connections: port 9295.
    — Insecure connections and vanilla telnet: port 9294.
See settings for common clients for details.

Screen Shots

Android and iOS mobile apps: click to enlarge:
Dungeon iPhone client
Dungeon iPhone client
Dungeon iPhone client
Dungeon iPhone client
Dungeon iOS Client in landscape
iPad (landscape)
Dungeon Android Client

Web app: click to enlarge:
Dungeon Web client

MUD clients and telnet: click to enlarge:
Dungeon via Mudlet
Mudlet MUD client
Dungeon via telnet

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