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Telnet and MUD clients - testing  XML
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Mark Phillips

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We'll shortly announce compatibility with popular MUD clients such as TInTin++, Mudlet, and MUDRammer - and vanilla command-line telnet.

Frankly, we don't really love the idea, but we want to do everything we can to enable blind and visually-impaired users, who are likely to be more familiar with traditional clients than our spiffy talking one.

If any of all y'all would be willing to test, please hit me up. Nobody at SmartMonsters is super hip with MUD clients, and personally I really hate the light-text-on-dark-background thing which their designers seem to require. But I digress. We truly could use your expert input. Shoot me a note and I'll tell you how to get set up.


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Lisa Chau

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I think they work.

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