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The NorthWestern Third's Paseo del Rio colony is online and ready for visitors.

Paseo del Rio is a small urban agricultural collective growing fruit which they distribute to merchants and communes throughout the Third. Located north of the Park off Recycling Center Road, it's as much an experiment in breaking down the division between city and country as an attempt at shared ownership. The colony's 14 small cottages are distributed around the orchard, enabling - the colonists hope - privacy and community at the same time.

You'll find the colonists active in the life of the Third. When not working the orchard or making deliveries, they're out enjoying life: shopping, taking in shows, watching buskers, exercising. Their children are especially avid City explorers. The adults are NW Union members, so Evil and violence-prone characters should treat them with care.

As the NorthWestern Third evolves, you'll see more of these experiments in collective ownership and communal living, from the utopian colonies of Owen, Cabet, Fourier and others to religiously-based communities such as Amana, Oneida, and the Israeli kibbutzim. Given the satirical predilection of most of TriadCity's authors, the narrative tone of these neighborhoods will be sometimes more respectful than others, depending. Paseo del Rio is pretty friendly.

Meet you in The City!

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