TriadCity Message of the Day

You can now exchange your Reward Points in-game for an instant recall to the Origin Stone. And it comes free with an ear-splitting bang! Which is very cool.

But please carefully note that this is an emergency measure, not a routine feature of ordinary game play. You'll want to teleport yourself out of a bad situation when you're helplessly lost, abandoned by your friends, or in serious danger. You definitely won't want to make it a habit.

Why not?

Two serious side effects:

  1. Your max energy will go way down, and stay there. It'll be around one quarter what it previously was. Recall a second time, it'll fall to one quarter of that - one sixteenth of where you began. And so on. This enforced fatigue lasts a very long while - unless there's a high level administrator on who'll generously remove it for you.
  2. You'll stutter. Think of it has having a splinched tongue. Or a partially splinched brain. Also lasting quite a hefty long time, unless that same kindly admin will help you out.

Your ability to recall may be limited by your current circumstances. If you're fighting, in prison, under arrest, or dead - ain't gonna happen. Of course you actually can buy your way out of certain prisons. Just not via this mechanism.

A recall costs 10 RPs. This is a good reason to scoop up those free RPs that come with newsletters, etc.

You can use the Reward Points command in-game to view your accumulated RPs, find out what you can buy, and buy them. Along with recalls, practices, health and energy boosts, you can also buy premium Items for your houses, such as safes and other storage containers that are immune to Item decay - and provide protection from burlgars. There'll be more of these added over time.

Stay safe out there!

Meet you in The City!

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