TriadCity Message of the Day

We're declaring victory and making the new HTML5 version of the TriadCity client the default one. Like Old Coke, or vintage wine, or something, the venerable Classic Java version remains as fallback in case you encounter any strange problems we haven't yet found.

OK, so, what's so freakin' special about HTML5?

To begin with, it eliminates the many layers of alarmist and inaccurate security warnings which browsers now wrap Java in. Despite the rather striking fact that a well-written Java thingie like, say, ours, is considerably more secure than even the best-written not-Java thingie will ever be... Oh never mind.

More happily, HTML5 is the standard of the future. It supports screen readers and other assistive technologies for the visually impaired, and is generally a good thing. We're proud to be in the leading wave of adopters.

The new client's firewall impervious for your many-hours-of-lost-productivity-at-work pleasure. It has all of the same features as the old one, but is far easier to read and generally easier on the eyes.

Of course, it isn't "done" yet - like anything's ever done in TechnologyLand. It'll soon support WAI-ARIA Live Regions for interaction with screen readers, and do some other cool things too. Real soon now. Real soon.

Watch this space!

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