TriadCity Message of the Day

San Francisco's real life Telegraph Hill has become home ground to a large colony of wild parrots, who've escaped over the years from people's homes, or been set free.

TriadCity's version continues our NorthWestern Third themes of escape, personal and collective re-invention, and exploration of freedom in practice. Our parrots have scarpered from The Aviary in the Southern Third; or the Zoo; or private homes. They've claimed a section of public park as their own, and the public there are happy to tolerate them.

Naturally there will be some game players who expect these critters to exist there as simple sword fodder. They may be in for a surprise!

You'll find them in the park at Telegraph Hill, just west of The Barras, along Rue Francois Rabelais in the NorthWestern third.

There's more in the Authors' Blog.

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