TriadCity Message of the Day

The TriadCity client applet is secure.

You don't need to be worried by the scary warnings your browser forces you to dismiss. Aside from drawing the widgets in your browser which allow you to interact with TriadCity, our software has no interaction with your computer at all.

Here's what it does:

1. Draws the windows, buttons and other controls you use to play the game.

2. Opens a communication channel over the Internet between your browser and our game, which is how your commands and the game's responses are sent back and forth.

3. Tests your commands to ensure they're legal before sending them over the network.

4. Provides infrastructure for text-to-speech support for the visually impaired - that's right, it'll (soon) talk to you, if you want it to.

5. Provides additional infrastructure for "natural language processing". We'd like to make the specialized command syntax go away so that you can type ordinary English. Not sure when this'll be ready, it's pretty complex.

6. Encrypts all communication sent over the Internet, including your character names, password, private chats, and other sensitives.

That's it.

Among the many things it doesn't do: write files to your hard drive, read files from your hard drive, interact with your system memory, etc. etc. It doesn't interact with your computer at all, except per above.

As we evolve with ever-changing Web standards and trends, it's likely the Java version of the TC client will eventually evaporate. Its replacement - a very sharp-looking HTML5 client - is online for testing. As of today it has a few glitches but is looking pretty good. We'll let you know when it's ready.

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