TriadCity Message of the Day

The Look command has been enhanced to allow detailed examination of Items of clothing or Tattoos worn by other characters.

The new syntax is straightforward. Use the possessive apostrophe to indicate that you want to look at something worn by someone else. Example: "look Poobah's ring" will show you the detailed description of a ring worn by Poobah, assuming Poobah's in the room with you and is in fact wearing a ring. The same qualifiers you're familiar with can be used to specify among multiples, e.g., "look Poobah's class ring", "look Poobah's 2.ring", "look 2.guard's boots", "look tall smoker's ruby bracelet", and so on.

This all makes it possible for you to examine the world in greater detail. And, importantly, it gives you new tools to further differentiate your characters, making them more lively and vibrant.

This is leading in a specific direction: vastly more, and more varied, items of clothing are on the way, including - wait for it - let's build suspense for a second - ok now we're ready - clothing designed and sold by players in-game.

Watch this space.

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