TriadCity Message of the Day

The TriadCity homage to a very famous video game bar is now open for your pleasure, somewhere off one of those winding little back alleys near the Museum of Technology and Industry which we can never find twice, much less remember the name of.

We suppose that for copyright and all that we probably shouldn't name names. Let's just say, if you're over 40 you played this game on your DOS PC with the first graphics card you owned.

Here's the description from the alley:

"A cracked sidewalk, a telephone pole, a neon sign spelling 'H-O-T-E-L', a neon sign reading 'Lefty's', with a neon martini glass holding one red neon olive."

Hint: bring your leisure suit, Larry.

Now, if you've followed us this far, you'll recollect that this particular bar not only is incredibly silly, something we're good at reproducting, but also contains a crucial, er, clue. For something else. That happens later.

Are we good at reproducing that kind of thing, too?

I dunno dude, what's the name again of that freakin' alley?

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