TriadCity Message of the Day

We dunno why we never thought of this. Especially with all the increasingly habitual squinting and mucking around with reading glasses which seems to have overtaken some of us over the years.

By request, there's now a Preferences menu near the upper left of the applet which lets you increase the font sizes with which game and chat messages are displayed.

You can also make 'em smaller, 'cause some people are nuts and why not give 'em rope?

You can make 'em real big, or real small, or whatever comfortable size you prefer in between.

For you Builder and Administrator types who already had Preferences menus, the new Increase Font Size and Decrease Font Size menu items have been added there where you'd expect them to be.

Be sure to refresh your applets. Shift-reload, or kill and restart the browser.

Note that these settings aren't saved when you log out. They could be. Should they be?

Use the bulletin boards to weigh in.

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