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TriadCity's epic Circus Maximus is officially open.

Modelled quite accurately on ancient Rome's legendary chariot racing stadium, the Circus is two levels of comfortable stands surrounding a massive track where old meets new, including a huge video screen displaying the action, and touch-screen electronic betting machines located for your convenience. Weekly races, and daily practice runs, are modelled with hyper-accurate 2d physics. Charioteers and horse teams have varying attributes, capabilities, and strategies, so that the matchups are seldom repetitive. Competition between factions is fierce and can become violent.

This all becomes most interesting on Onyx Star's Day, when the races are held. Rabid race fans from all over the City converge to cheer on their favorite faction, bet, drink, puke, fight, and have a spectacular time. Whole neighborhoods practically empty, including Capitoline, whose residents are passionate supporters of the Green faction. That word "spectacular" is meaningful: the Circus is the first of a large family of periodic spectacles planned throughout the City. It really is something to watch the fans pour into the stadium on race days.

The Circus isn't completely complete, just yet. There'll be more detail, including food and souvenir vendors; muggers, prostitutes and thieves; hooligans; lots of interesting commemorative statues; and chaos and mayhem in all directions. Just like you'd expect.

Check it out! South along Black River Esplanade to the sporting complex. The Circus is the gigantic stadium on the east side of the road. Can't miss it.

Especially, come down on Onyx Star's Day. You won't be alone.

Thanks! Use the bitchin new fora to holler with questions.

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