TriadCity Message of the Day

New Bulletin Boards are on the way.

Based on a popular open-source forum framework, we're in the process of majorly mutating and adapting it to fit as seamlessly as possible into the SmartMonsters web site. When ready, we'll finally have a proper bbs system with all the usual features you'd normally expect: searchability, moderation, announcements, lockable topics, ability to move topics between boards, private messaging, and so on. Logging in to your SmartMonsters web site account will give you full access.

When complete, the new fora will replace and integrate multiple scattered bits and pieces in addition to the standard bbs stuff. Our dumb "mudmail" in-game message system will be superseded by private messaging within the bbs. Our homegrown Player Pages will be replaced by the profiles built in to the fora.

We don't know yet whether we'll migrate the old bbs messages to the new system. Probably will. Haven't gotten to that part of the technology yet.

While the work is underway, you may experience some instability or changes to the web site. For instance, at the moment this is written we've removed links to the old bulletin boards, which aren't functioning happily right now. The web site will probably remain a moving target for a few more days. After testing we'll open up the new fora and things'll settle down.

Please write to if you have questions.


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