TriadCity Message of the Day

Server introduces two new Healer commands: DrawParalysis and DrawIntoxication.

DrawParalysis is similar to RemoveParalysis in that, if successful, a patient who'd been previously paralyzed is no longer so. There are important differences, however. RemoveParalysis requires a ritual, while DrawParalysis doesn't. DrawParalysis can result in a much larger experience haul for the Healer, sometimes as much as five times more. Most importantly, DrawParalysis can result in the paralysis being transferred into the Healer's own body, a possibly dangerous condition for the Healer.

DrawIntoxication is similar to DrawIllness in that, if successful, a particular type of intoxication is removed from the body of the patient and taken into the body of the Healer. The particular intoxication type must be specified: alcohol, caffein, halucinogens, nicotine, opiates, stimulants, or sugar. Note that as of today, only alcohol is implemented, and the current implementation is extremely rudimentary.

Those of you who are paying extremely close attention to the Code Warriors BBS will note that this enhancement comes in the midst of quite a lot of new code enabling the Capitoline Slum district, in progress. Yes, there is indeed a connection.

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