TriadCity Message of the Day

A new Television Writer Role is now available.

TelevisionWriters contribute original programs to TriadCity's broadcast television channels, currently being deployed.

Unlike World Builders, Artists, or several other creative Roles, spiffage for TelevisionWriters is automatic. Each time a program you've written is broadcast, your character receives 10 experience points and 1 Dinar. As each program in the rotation will be broadcast at least once per TriadCity week, writing for television can be a potentially rich source of advancement.

As with other similar Roles, spiffed Dinars are deposited directly into the character's bank account, while experience points are collected into a pool from which you may transfer as many as you like, any time you like. Transfer is performed with the TelevisionWriterSpiff command, which does have a built-in alias of "tvwspiff" for your typing convenience. To perform the transfer you must be in a room with a Television Writers' Terminal. One of these is located inside the Television Writers' Corporation in the Southern Third, a couple of rooms south of the Code Warriors, along Black River Promenade.

TelevisionWriter has no formal rolemaster. If you'd like to write, contact Poobah.

Televisions will begin appearing in bars, lounges, waiting rooms, and other public places real soon now, once there's a little bit of content to begin broadcasting. Television sets will go on sale in the local malls shortly thereafter.

Note that induction into the Television Writer Role includes a free house in New Rochelle and a wife named Laura.

Just kidding.

We hope that Television Writer turns out to be a fun and possibly enriching new Role. Have fun writing!

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