TriadCity Message of the Day

The NorthEast Third's entrepreneurial spirit now provides another means of legal income: meat puppetry.

Meat puppets, invented by William Gibson, are humans whose unconscious, unknowing bodies are put to use by others for their own, typically but not necessarily sexual, purposes.

There are many benefits. Society's discriminating upper reaches, refined in their tastes, are able to exercise their proclivities free of the inconvenience of witnesses - including their partners. Society's less materially fortunate are provided with an honest, indeed effortless income.

The meat puppetry building is located at the eastern end of John W. Tyson street. The street is dark, so bring a light at night. Simply enter an unoccupied chamber, then use the MeatPuppet command to continue.

You'll be paid 1,000 Dinars for your trouble. The experience will last an average of 24 TriadCity hours. You'll be asleep the entire time, and will have no knowledge or memory of anything that does or doesn't take place. There are almost no reports of after-effects; however, management does note that you and you alone accept responsibility for any or all consequences of your decision.

Use the Wake command from time to time, to determine whether it's time to go home.

Remember: to be of service to others is a noble calling.

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