TriadCity Message of the Day

We are very pleased to tell the world that TriadCity's player population is evenly balanced between women and men.

Traditionally, the balance of male to female game players online has been about 80% - 20%. Even with the increase in female players around the world over the last two years or so, that balance remains solidly tilted toward men. From the beginning, SmartMonsters has tried as best we can to make TriadCity a more attractive experience for women players. We're very proud to have achieved parity.

As of yesterday, here are the metrics:

  • Total session time: women, 948,829 minutes; men, 948,295 minutes
  • Top five TriadCity players: 4 women, 1 man
  • Top ten TriadCity players: 5 women, 5 men
  • Top 25 TriadCity players: 13 women, 12 men

How about that!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of our friends for playing TriadCity. We'd like to especially thank Nina, Kata, Betsy, Catherine, Dee, Anya, Cayora, Joy, Kellie, Lynn, Sammie, Marce, Maureen, Ann, Shawna, Dawn, Lisa, Elisa, Eetu, Dasia, Julia, Tanya, Jessica, and so many others for your participation and your help. Thanks so much!

-- Gary and Mark

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