TriadCity Message of the Day

Should one happen to become paralyzed for any reason - note the eerie and mysterious soundtrack music playing subtly in the background, raising the emotional pitch and adding tension - we got a couple of options for ya.

One option is to have some friends Drag your stiff butt to the new shop, "Move It!", off Christian Barnard Street in the medical district of the Southern Third. There, a well-equipped and well-programmed Surgeon Bot will attempt to cure your ailment, provided you have adequate medical insurance in your bank account, e.g. cash.

Another option is to request that your friendly Healer use the new RemoveParalysis command. Most Healers will be happy to oblige, but, of course, there are some limitations. They won't be able to help you if, by chance, you're a Malopath. Or they might not want to if you're Evil.

How does one go about becoming paralyzed? Watch this space for answers within a day or two.

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