TriadCity Message of the Day

Along with Justice NE, a large new neighborhood called Inns of Court will be going online, perhaps within a day or two.

Inns of Court is very loosely inspired by a real neighborhood in London, where the legal profession was centered for a couple of centuries. Some of the street and place names are the same as real streets and places in London. But, the TC Inns of Court is a fictional space based more directly on Dickens than on real geography. The descriptions and much of the layout are taken from Bleak House rather than Google Maps.

For now, the main interest of the new neighborhood is that it enables for Justice NE the kinds of night versus day differences which are envisioned for the entire City. NPCs have homes to go to, so that the streets and other public areas are populated differently by dark than by light. Pretty much everybody moves around. There are no Pigeon Hunters standing in the same place night and day waiting to be killed. By the end of 2008, we hope, the entire City will be like this.

The Inns of Court area is not "complete". Most of the buildings lack their interiors. These will be added little by little as they're needed.

Justice NE is very, very, very nearly ready. It'll be online, along with the Inns of Court district, very shortly.

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