TriadCity Message of the Day

Now that the Justice system is nearing completion, CrimeNet is becoming a little more grown up.

Whole areas of the City are now protected by CrimeNet, and more will be soon. These include all of the major public areas: shopping malls, parks, Virtual Vegas, libraries, museums, etc. Please note that CrimeNet can now scan the City without there needing to be any characters present; so even an empty Park Room may be and probably is protected.

It's not really that hard to determine what places are likely to be covered by CrimeNet. Public spaces that are well-lit and well-travelled are likely to be protected. Less well-travelled areas are maybe not so likely. Dark, out of the way places aren't very likely at all.

Remember also that coverage is very likely to vary by Third. The NorthWest Third cares a lot more about the not-so-rich than the other Thirds do. Don't look for Hizzonor the Mayor of NE to commit public funds to providing CrimeNet protection in poor parts of town. But, be certain that it covers businesses, important public spaces, and the homes of the well-to-do.

Remember finally that CrimeNet is not infallible. A skilled Thief who can Steal successfully will probably not be detected by CrimeNet. CrimeNet's ability to sense events is about that of a player with a moderate See Skill. If a Thief can Steal from a High Roller without the High Roller detecting it, the Thief is probably safe from CrimeNet too.

And now the good news. Within a (fairly) short time, there will be many, many, many more targets for your illegal activities than there have been to date. The NPC population is going to increase vastly; and there will be new areas written specifically for Thieves, Malopaths, and other criminal types. Stay tuned to this station for frequent updates.

Have questions? Use the bulletin boards, which are a good place for noting lore about where you do or do not find CrimeNet to be active.

Still yet more notes will follow as Justice NorthEast nears completion.

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