TriadCity Message of the Day

A new category of dangerous NPC makes its debut with Justice NE.

These are The 7th Mayor's Own Gurkha Rifles, an elite guard unit which protects Capital Plaza from would-be do-gooders. The Gurkhas will attack anyone who attempts to rescue or even touch a condemned criminal. There are a lot of them, and, unlike average Stormtroopers or other cops, they work together to prevent escape. They're not interested in making arrests. They attempt to kill and, they're skilled.

Unlike other NPCs, the Gurkhas permanently remember anyone they fight. If you fight and flee, even if you escape, the first Gurkha you encounter will attack you immediately, even after server reboots. And, will call on his fellows for help.

In the future there will be other NPCs which behave this way. Some examples are the students at TriadCity University, the Lost Children, Vampire families, and certain groups of Resistance fighters. Meanwhile, be careful around those Gurkhas.

Gurkha don'ts:

  • Don't attack the Gurkhas.
  • Don't try and fail to steal from the Gurkhas.
  • Don't do anything to a condemned prisoner. Don't try to Drag one, perform any Healer commands on one, attempt any Malopathy or violence against one. Don't even Touch or Taste one. Don't do anything that would involve physical contact with a condemned person or bringing any other kind of force to bear on them. Actions such as Looking, Listening, Smelling are ok.

There are probably more, but these should give you the idea.

Still yet more notes will follow as Justice NorthEast nears completion.

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