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The NorthEast Third sentences criminals to death. The other Thirds don't.

There are three classes of condemned criminals in NorthEast who are at risk of capital punishment.

  1. Poor criminals. Regardless of the type or severity of the crime(s) one has committed, one is always at risk of sentencing to death in NorthEast if one's net wealth is limited. Net wealth means bank balance, real property, worn equipment, and carried inventory; the court will take the sum into account. Different judges have their own notions of where poverty begins - rather like academic Sociologists, actually. This category of condemned will be sent to a locked cell on Death Row to await execution. The actual date of their execution will vary, so, it might be their luck to be done in nearly immediately, or to wait some time. This is potentially good, because it gives the condemned and their friends a window of opportunity to raise the funds necessary to secure the condemned's release. If the condemned is unable to buy their way out, they'll eventually be killed, in one of several nasty, painful, and humiliating ways.
  2. Recidivists. No matter the wealth of the condemned, judges will eventually tire of seeing them. Sentences are more serious for repeat offenders. Eventually, even wealthy criminals may find themselves on Death Row, where the same mechanism applies. Execution may be swift or delayed, providing a variable window of opportunity for brokered release.
  3. State criminals. Even minor crimes against state officials or the very wealthy will lead to prompt execution. Unlike the other categories of capital offenses, crimes against these people can earn immediate dispensation, without the chance to buy one's way out. Don't attack a Judge. Don't get caught stealing from a Judge. Unless you want to experience a truly unpleasant end.

How do you know whether someone belongs to the class of "state officials or the very wealthy"? Use common sense: if they look well-to-do, or if they're in an official office, you're probably at greater risk. Look for articles of ebony: ebony rings, ebony bracelets. These are like fraternity pins for the well-connected. And remember: this system has a good deal of arbitrariness in it, depending on the particular Judge one faces.

How do you know which prison cells belong to Death Row? Those are the cells with locked doors.

Still yet more notes will follow as Justice NorthEast nears completion.

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