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Just kidding. There's no need to break out of NE prison, because you can simply walk out, or in, at any time.

If you have enough money.

The NorthEast Criminal Correction Center, aka Sing-Sing, is organized hierarchically with privileged convicts toward the top, not so privileged toward the bottom. It's an unexceptional, multi-story concrete building with a stairwell at the center. Every floor can be entered or departed at will, provided one possesses the correct electronic card keys. Keys are for sale by entrepreneurial guards in all locations where they're required.

It's as simple as that.

Now the bad news.

It's expensive as heck.

Each lock encountered costs serious coin. The higher up the building, the more locks to open. Leaving from the top floor could cost over 100,000 dinars. Complete exploration of the building from bottom to top and back, more than double that.


  • Jail cells on upper floors have no doors. Prisoners are free to wander as they like. You don't have to buy a key except to exit the current floor.
  • Cells on lower floors are locked tight. They can't be opened from the inside, except by picking the lock. Most people can't do that. The doors can be freely opened from outside, so, one way to rescue a friend or colleague from Death Row is to simply walk in and open the door for them. Of course, walking in will cost ya.
  • You're free to enter the building to give a prisoner any items you'd like. The guards are happy to see you.
  • The electronic card keys used to open locks are good for one use only. Be careful not to buy these from unreputable sellers, for instance, other Players. Don't buy them from auction. You have no way of testing whether their single use has already occurred.
  • These card keys do not persist on logout. Don't expect to stash them for a rainy day. Buy one, use it right away, and junk it.
  • Prison food is questionable.

There's a different way out. You may or may not prefer it, depending on your circumstances. You can use a new Gratuity command (not yet online) to express your gratitude in material fashion to one or more Judge, or even the Mayor or his wife. Doing so will lessen your sentence. When your sentence is completed, you're released to Sanctuary Island in the ordinary way, just like the system in NorthWest. If you're imprisoned high-up in the building, and your sentence is of a certain length, you might choose this as the less expensive option.

Yet more notes will follow as Justice NorthEast nears completion.

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