TriadCity Message of the Day

The NorthWest Third's portion of the TriadCity Justice system is now online.

The basics were outlined in an earlier MOTD. Here we'll add one or two details.

Crime sensors throughout the city are now more broadly tuned. For example, sensors which formerly protected only Merchants now protect everyone. This means you can no longer backstab a Peacekeeper inside Justine's. Well, you can. But you'll face the risk of eventual arrest and sentencing.

There are new classes of police which specialize in tracking and arresting wanted criminals. We'll let you find out about them from experience.

Peacekeepers will no longer attack wanted criminals. They will, however, intervene as before on the side of victims under attack. Violence continues to be dangerous in TC.

We tested the daylights out of the thing. But ya'll are fabulously inventive at breaking things in ways we didn't think of. Please bug anything weird and we'll iron the kinks right out.

Southern and NorthEastern Thirds to follow.

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