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As previous recent MOTDs have mentioned, server version is a big deal. We've thoroughly reorganized the server code base with the goal of making it easier to unit test. Probably just about every one of the 350,000 lines of code has been touched in some way or another. The result is greater robustness, which is a ten-dollar way of saying fewer bugs.

You'll see a multitude of small changes. Well -- you'll see them if you look closely. Most of the visible differences are minute. But, we like them.

Here's a partial list:

  • More than 5,100 unit test "runs", consisting of about 38,000 assertions overall, resulting in approximately 23% code coverage. That's a bunch of techno-blah meaning we went from 0 tests to a whole lot of 'em. We'll post the exact numbers in the Code Warriors BBS.
  • Bug fixes for nine or ten reported bugs, and about forty unreported ones that we caught with our spiffy new tests. See why this is cool?
  • Improved internal arithmetic resulting in calculations with greater precision. You'll see this as very slightly different values for bought and sold items, or combat results. "Very slightly" means a maximum difference of exactly one, and only in a very small number of cases. We told you it was small.
  • Conversion of about 60 "old-style" Social Commands to "new style" ones which allow users to provide their own adverbs or other modifiers.
  • Limitation on the number of items which can be stored in a Room between server boots, which we've already talked about.
  • Lots of speed up. The game runs faster. Some things require only about one fifth of the time they used to need. Not bad.
  • Addition of new code features which will enable automated QA Bots, which'll help keep the game world free of errors. We'll post more info about these in a while.
  • A few gazillion internal improvements which matter only to us.

Now, here's the thing. Although the goal of these changes is to help to make the server more immune to bugs, it's nevertheless likely that the sheer scale of change has probably introduced new bugs that will only be found by players. So, have at 'em. Use the Bug command and ratchet-up your bank account.

Here's another reminder that if you used to have a million items stored in your Inn room or your Player House, and you find that you're missing certain of them that you decide you want, they've been sent to the City Dump. You can fetch them back again, at least until the next server reboot. The time to do that would be now.


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