TriadCity Message of the Day

Database weirdness required us to go poking into people's closets tonight. Quite amazing hauls some folks have accumulated! 90 pairs of combat boots. 218 pairs of blue business pants. 43 nylon daypacks. 77 pairs of comfy running shoes. 74 boxing gloves. Which is fabulous role-play, since that's exactly what citizens of NorthWest or South would do. But we digress.

Currently there's no limit to the number of items which a room can hold. Really hadn't anticipated packratting at this level of enthusiasm. But, a limit will have to be imposed, to keep the database happy. And we all want a happy database! (Repeat after us: "We all want a happy database!")

Not sure what the limit will be, maybe 25 items, maybe 50, dunno yet.

Meanwhile, you should all clean your closets asap. Once the limit is chosen, the next reboot will quite simply delete/destroy anything which can't be added to a too-full room. It would be a shame to loose your hoard of 24 diamond helmets because your 224 leather belts filled the place first.

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